July 06, 2021


Think back to the day that you graduated high school and how the day unfolded.  Perhaps you were relieved, confident or even a bit nervous about how much will change after graduation.  While preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime day you probably had many thoughts running through your head.  What do I need to do to get ready for college?  How do I say goodbye to the only friends I've ever known?  What does the future really have in store for me?  Don't feel bad because you are not alone.  These same questions come to mind to most everyone as they hit the high school graduation milestone.


You likely will only remember bits and pieces of the speeches that were given that day.  However, you may never forget the conversations you had with family and friends that day.  In some instances, it may be the last time that you see some of them for a very long time.   As the days pass after graduation you may start waking up to a whole new set of questions.   Am I ready to leave home and move away for college or trade school of choice?  How will I fit in with a new group of friends?  Can I find a job, manage my schedule and keep my grades up?  Head over to to see some job options while in college.



During our years in college we rarely think about the full overall cost that may have to be paid back in the form loan repayments after college education.  Loans that will accrue interest while paying them back.  Even with possible scholarships, grants or help from family there are instances where loans are needed to pay for other college expenses.   Things to consider are tuition, books, room and board, and/or possible transportation and other added expenses.  These costs can add up fast when you are considering 4 years or more of college.  You could be looking at $100,000 or more depending on your choice in career.

Now think ahead to the day when it's time to start paying back these loans.  Are you protected should a life changing event prevent you from working after college graduation?  How will you pay back the loans should this happen without burdening your family to help cover this debt?  Many of us insure our cars, homes, boats, motorcycles and even cell phones with insurance products.  So, why not insure your student loan to handle the unpredictable life events that could impact your financial future??  The purchase of Life Insurance and Disability Insurance can help you be more prepared.

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