Pennsylvania School Bus Association Program

In 1996, Dinnin & Parkins, a regional office of Keystone Insurers Group, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania School Bus Association, developed a customized insurance program to fulfill the unique needs of the school transportation industry. In our ongoing effort to provide the PSBA and its members with the finest insurance program attainable, we have recently finalized negotiations with Harleysville Insurance Companies to become the insurance carrier for the PSBA/KIG Pennsylvania School Bus Contractors insurance program.

Our insurance program for PSBA members offers the best possible combination of coverages at an extraordinary value for your insurance dollar. Over and above the fundamental insurance protection we provide for your buildings, contents, garage exposures, and general business operations, our program offers these special features:

  • Liability limits of up to $11 million or more
  • Exceptionally broad commercial auto coverage
  • Coverage for Sexual Misconduct and Abuse.
  • Coverage for Year-Round Non-School-Related Activities
  • Potential savings on commercial auto liability through our special group dividend program
  • Complementary risk management services to keep your premiums down and your workplace safe
  • PUC filing for insured PSBA Members

Whether you have one school bus or a fleet of a hundred school buses, if you are a Pennsylvania School Bus Contractor dedicated to safety you need this program. We know how valuable your insurance dollar is so why not spend it on the most competitive and comprehensive program available today.

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