Benefits of an Independent Insurance Agent

Why you should work with an independent insurance agent you ask? As an independent insurance agency, Dinnin & Parkins can make your life easier when it comes to your personal and/or business insurance.

It is not uncommon for people to have multiple insurance policies in their household. Generally, that includes an auto insurance policy and some type of home insurance, including renters, condo or homeowners. Many people may have additional policies for their boats, motorcycles, classic cars, umbrellas and maybe even their businesses. This is why working with an independent agent is so beneficial. When choosing to work with an our agency you get the benefit of working with one agency that can handle ALL your insurance needs! Below are some of the additional benefits of doing business with an Dinnin & Parkins.

Personal Service

At Dinnin & Parkins you receive instant personal service from one of our experienced team members, not an automated recording at a call center. As a trusted part of the community for generations, our mission is to be your advisor for all your insurance needs. We are available to review coverages, make policy changes, and discuss your billing details if needed.

Should you have an insurance claim our agency will not only help you understand what your policy covers, but also assist you in reporting the claim. Claims can be overwhelming, and if you require immediate assistance, we can and will help you during the claims process.


This is a great service that a captive agent can’t offer. If your relationship with the carrier you currently do business with no longer meets your insurance needs, Dinnin & Parkins has the ability to find you a new carrier within our agency if necessary. You don’t have to lose that personal touch you developed and move to a new agency. As an independent agent we have multiple carriers to find you the perfect fit no matter what stage you are in life when it comes to your insurance.

Better Rates

Generally, you are going to have a bigger opportunity for a better rate by choosing to work with an independent insurance agency near you. First off, when quoting any new business at Dinnin & Parkins we have multiple carriers available to find you the best coverage's at the best available pricing.

Independent agents also have the ability to move you to a new carrier when there is a significant rate change to your policy. There are instances where moving carriers can be at a disadvantage. However, Dinnin & Parkins can use this time to provide you with a review of your policies and determine if moving you to another carrier is the best option for you.

A captive agent cannot provide you with that same service if they are only representing the one insurance company.

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