What It Means To Turn Sixteen - Buying Your First Car

March 01, 2021

Back when I was a teenager turning 16 didn’t mean I automatically went to the DMV to get my learner’s permit. Growing up in a single parent household, my mom couldn’t afford to put me on her insurance until I was able to pay for it myself. Lucky for me, or should I say even luckier for my mom turning 16 also meant that I could go out into the workforce and start earning some dough.

Oddly enough I found myself surrounded by dough, but not the kind that would be filling up my wallet anytime soon. I got my first official job waitressing at a local restaurant surrounded by bread dough, pizza dough and pie dough. At the time I wasn’t the happiest of 16 year olds. I would have sooner been hanging out with my friends cruising up and down Broad Street listening to my favorite tunes. I am choosing not to share those favorites for now as I am sure it would reveal my age. Anyway, as I look back now I remember how it felt to walk onto that car lot and purchase my very own car at age 19.

So close your eyes and envision the day YOU buy YOUR own first vehicle. Will you see a shiny new sports car or maybe a used pickup truck? No matter what car you are envisioning right now it is important to have the appropriate insurance coverage. Not just any auto insurance coverage, but the right auto insurance coverage for you. What vehicle you decide to purchase can make a difference in the coverages you may need and the insurance costs involved. Any insurance company can give you cheap insurance, but keep in mind that you and/or your parents likely worked hard to get you that first vehicle. So, it is important to protect yourself and your vehicle in the future. As a sales agent at Dinnin & Parkins Associates I can provide you with quotes from one of our many companies.

Some things to think about when buying a new car and purchasing auto insurance:

• Gather VIN #’s for the vehicles you are interested in. Always best to have a few options.
• Contact your local Independent Insurance Agent for quotes.
• If vehicle is co-titled in any way be sure to advise insurance agent.
• Have vehicle financing information available such as name and address if applicable.
• Insurance policies can offer Loan/Lease Gap Protection at a lower price in most instances.
• Be sure to have appropriate coverage in place before driving off the vehicle lot. Some auto dealers no longer call to verify coverage.

What is considered appropriate and acceptable coverage may differ if you happen to already be on your parent’s insurance policy. There may be circumstances where it is necessary for you to purchase your own insurance policy when purchasing your vehicle. Be sure to check with your parent’s current insurance company to confirm their guidelines.

Examples of when you should purchase your own auto insurance policy are as follows:

• You have sole ownership of the newly purchased vehicle.
• You are no longer a resident of your parent’s household.
• You were recently married and the newly purchased vehicle is co-titled to your spouse as well.
• You purchased and titled the new vehicle with someone else other than a parent or resident relative.

There can be a lot to think about when it comes to buying a new car and new insurance, but I am here to help you through the process. Please consider me your personal insurance consultant. I am here along with all of our other experienced agents at Dinnin & Parkins Associates to answer any questions and provide you with options to best fit your insurance needs. As an independent agent we represent many companies and can offer you coverages to meet your current insurance needs.

When I look back now and think about my first job earning “that dough” to buy my first car I would have never imagined entering my 24th year in the insurance industry. Now I get the pleasure of helping others with their insurance when they are buying a new car. But I guess as Alanis Morissette once said “And isn't it ironic, don't you think?” that we are now in the age of self-driving and self-parking cars. They sure have come a long way since my 1987 Buick Skyhawk.

Hmm… I think I might have just revealed my age in more ways than one.

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