August 04, 2021

The day is finally here.  The day you may have been dreading for the last 18 or so years when your first or even your last child leaves for college.   Regardless of whether it is your first child or it is your last child it is all a part of change.  Some of us are not that fond of change especially when it means your once small babies are now grown up and leaving for college.  Obviously, you want your children to spread their wings and “FLY”, but you aren’t exactly ready for the “EMPTY NEST” to become your reality.

During this time the last thing you may be thinking about while buying the basic school supplies is your personal insurance.  However, Dinnin & Parkins Associates is here to walk you through the process of how your sons and/or daughters leaving for college may impact your personal insurance coverage 



When it is time to pack up your child’s belongings to head off to college you will want to be sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage.  There are times where coverage can be extended from your  personal home insurance.  However, depending on your student’s housing  situation additional coverage may be needed to protect their belongings and added liability exposures.  Renter’s Insurance is usually required by landlords if living off campus vs. living on campus.  These policies can provide added protection for computers, laptops, cameras, and other electronics along with your standard possessions such as clothes, furniture, TV, etc.



Is your student attending a college where they are not permitted to bring their car as a freshman?  Are they going to be more than 100 miles away from home now without a vehicle?  Most auto insurance companies offer Student Away at School Discount.  The discount percentages vary from company to company so you may want to contact your agent to discuss this discount in further detail.  Does your college student have a 3.0 or above GPA?  If so, they may also qualify for a Good Student Discount.  The included examples are based on what Travelers Insurance has to offer current qualifying students, but understand that each company does have their own guidelines regarding student discounts.  Contact Dinnin & Parkins Associates today for further information and a review of your coverages. 


Based on the Covid-19 Pandemic I think most of us even more health conscience when it comes to our kids headed off to school.  So take the opportunity to review your health insurance.  Children can stay on your health insurance until a certain age.  However, depending upon where your child is attending college it may be more difficult to find in-network medical providers.         It may be a good idea to see if their college/university of choice provides their own on-campus health care or health insurance.                 If you would like an opportunity to review your health insurance with an insurance professional please reach out to           Scott Thompson at our office.  As our agency's Financial Insurance Advisor he would welcome the  opportunity to review your current coverages.  Scott handles our Health and Life Insurance along with other Financial Insurance needs.

For students heading off to school is about learning and getting more educated on their choice in careers.  Their teachers and professors are there to assist them to achieve their career goals.  At Dinnin & Parkins Associates we are here to assist YOU during the student's transition when it comes to your personal insurance.  Our team members are here to be your insurance consultants when it comes to your personal insurance.  

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